RaceWizard 5.4

A program that can time and produce great results reports for any race
5.4 (See all)
Peter Chernis

Race Wizard is an easy-to-use windows program that can time and produce great results reports for any race where hand-held stopwatches are normally used:
* Cross Country Skiing
* Cycling
* Marathons
* Triathlons
* Duathlons
* Full, easy-to-use graphical user interface.
* Help available on any form.
* Racers register holds names, birthdates, addresses, etc. -enter competitors only once!
* Mass/wave, interval, dual starts, and relays - total control over start times.
* Unlimited number of race categories.
* Quickly calculates start times for pursuit-style races.
* Random draw for assignment of start order.
* Calculates split times for up to 10 laps.
* Timing widget simulates a stopwatch and records times to 0.01 seconds.
* Registration report, starters report, timers forms, officials report, and results reports.
* Unofficial Results report allows preliminary results to be posted before the end of a race so athletes and coaches can compare times.
* Reports can be printed or exported to word processor (rtf), text file(txt), spreadsheet (xls) and HTML - publish quickly on your web site.
* Race conditions and officials can be included on the reports.
* Print results certificates for top N finishers on pre-printed forms (e.g. Geopaper certificates).
* Two formats for relay team bibs: team members can have the same bib number (e.g 101-1, 101-2, 101-3, ...), or different bib numbers (101,102,103,..).
* Query wizard allows you to extract data subsets for analysis by external programs.
* Import Data Files from TimeTech Sprint 8 Race Timer.
* Detailed address information - create address labels for mailings.
* Biographical data and notes for news media and race announcers.
* Merchandise sales and race entry fee information.
* Admission tickets for special functions (e.g. banquets).

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